Pat !!

Here's your design with finishing effects, along with a few closeups. The outside lettering is double-embossed to create a metallic effect. The outer stripes are embossed as well. The maltese border has a highlight trim along it's center, all embossed for the metallic effect. The tartan has shadowing and highlights blended in, and the belt body now has a faux-leather texture. The FTD logo has subtle adjustments, so it retains its original character. The "FTD" is a brighter, warmer gold, which draws your eye as the focal point. The lettering on the banners are engraved, but stay dark enough that it's easily readable. The banners have a soft flowing texture. The "In God We Trust" lettering is backlit to pop out against the background. Dropshadows occur throughout the artwork where appropriate.
The earlier version is posted at the bottom.