John !

Here's a developed version of your design, with some closeups. The piper truly stands out as the centerpiece with a sharp backlight against the softer gold background. The maltese now looks more metallic. We tried several textures in the green area, but we felt the smooth look worked better than any of them. The sticks have a woodgrain, and all the central elements have some beveling and shadow. We tried out a green inlay for the outer type, along with a red outline. We matched that with the "Est. 2002" type as well.
There's a couple of minor fixes we need to do; the trim on the gold ring is in front of the piper when it should be behind, we need to remove the drop shadow at the bottom of the piper so he looks more like he's inside the ring, the banner needs a tiny touch-up, and we want to make the sticks slightly darker with a stronger woodgrain. The earlier post is at the bottom.