Scott !!

Here's your design with finishing effects, and a couple of closeups for detail. Soft, 3D metal effects have been applied to all the lettering, trims, and center elements. There's a subtle discoloration texture on the red badge body, and, although it's almost impossible to see at this size, there's a slight diagonal texture on the dark parts of the maltese. The shamrock at the top is embossed, and line art looks like it's cut into the shamrock, while the "TB" is a little raised. The center instruments have all been metallicized, and we found a great texture for the mallet's rope. The holes are bored into the chanter. The banner has a ruffled effect, and there's gentle shading on the red back-banner. Drop shadows and other effects have been added where appropriate. Many of the textures blend into the design when viewed at a distance, keeping it clean and clear, but as one gets closer, the effects become apparent, adding interesting detail.
The earlier mockup is posted below.