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Attention Drummers and Friends of Drummers!

Neckbone Graphics is the industry leader in offering custom Remo drumheads printed with your special graphics. Promote your performing ensemble with digitally created, high-quality images of any design! Put your group's logo, or CD artwork on your front bass drum head... attract more attention! Get a personalized front head to complete your drumkit! It's the perfect gift for the drummer in your life!

Marching Ensembles

A growing number of marching ensembles are using our graphic heads. These heads are perfectly playable and sound great! Since the graphic is created digitally, the image is exactly the same on every head. Reordering is easy, too!

Neckbone can work from your existing artwork, no matter what form it's in. We can perform any edits you may desire, and, if requested, supply a CD with your digital files, saved in several formats, useful for many other applications.


We'd like to invite you to visit two very informative pages on our site:
Our Client Proofing page is a great place to learn how our design process works. Most projects listed there will have several mockups of the project, starting with a basic 2-dimensional layout, and progressing to the finished design. There is a brief explanation of the most recent post, describing adjustments and directions that were most recently performed. You can experience how the projects evolve.
Also, it's a great place to find ideas, designs or individual elements that you might want to have in your design. This can reduce the time and cost of the development of your artwork.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is a great place to get an overview of the options, features and procedures we offer. We encourage everyone to take a moment to browse through it.

For pipe bands and marching ensembles, Remo's POWERMAX bass and tenor drumheads are by far the most popular choice. Both models come with an internal muffling system. Remo also offers a graphic version of the CYBERMAX snare batter. All these heads sound identical to Remo's non-graphic versions.

For drumset players, popular options include Ambassador, Emperor and PowerStroke 3.
Currently, Pinstripe, Fiberskyn, Rennaissance are not available.

We have a final comment about our Request-A-Quote page. Our system includes an auto-responder that will sent an e-mail to the address that's typed into the e-mail address field on the form. Occasionally we get messages that our reply is unable to reach the sender. This is why we ask for your phone number as well. It may be that we cannot get in touch with you through e-mail because of an incorrect address, spam blockers, or who knows what else. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, this may be why. We do our best to reach you within this time frame. If you experience this, e-mail us again, and be sure to include your phone number. Also, the phone number allows us to learn your general shipping address, which is important as we create a quote for your project, which includes the shipping charges.

We have great appreciation for all of you that have chosen to use our services.
Tom Z
Neckbone Graphics


We have found it to be convenient and effective to post work-in-progress files here, for our clients to view and give us feedback. We post files as soon as edits are done, and through the "magic that is the Internet", they can be viewed and critiqued at any time.

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